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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ding Dong Osama's Dead

Here are some important lessons to take from Osama bin Laden’s demise:

  • Some people will say that killing bin Laden will only bring a new more radical leader to the head of al Qaeda, and that it will spur some sort of reprisals. They are wrong. Killing bin Laden takes out a THINKING terrorist, creates panic among his followers and won’t cause any more attacks than those already being planned. Killing bin Laden has absolutely made the world a safer and better place

  • Many are calling the takedown of Osama a symbolic or psychological victory. This is true, but the intel from Osama’s compound shows he was still very much the center of a terrorist network, and losing both a central leader, as well as a strategic base WILL disrupt al-Qaeda’s procedures for some amount of time.

  • Some people have also criticized the decade-long timeframe it took to locate and kill one troublemaker. However, the strategy of the Global Jihad is a long game startegy – they will respect and fear the USA more for sticking it out in the long run, especially that it was bin Laden who preached that the West could not withstand a drawn-out conflict.

  • Pakistan is a fragile country and bin Laden’s support obviously extended deep within official Pakistani territory and not just in the North-Western tribal areas. There is still a large need for US military presence in Pakistan lest a nuclear-armed country go off the rails. I was overjoyed to hear Hilary Clinton point this out.

  • Osama bin Laden was, to paraphrase Gandalf, a great evil, but there are many others. Osama’s message to the world is “Do-it-yourself Jihad.” You may want to shoot up an El Al counter at LAX or try to take down a plane with your underwear, or blow up Times Square. Al Qaeda couldn’t care less how much of a screw up you are, as long as you get the TSA to make commercial flying a more miserable experience than being a Gitmo detainee. Unfortunately, this sort of terror, and this sort of unnecessary stupidity of making passengers “feel safer” will far out live bin Laden.

  • Hamas, the more popular branch of Fatah and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood all condemned or mourned the bin Laden killing. It’s important to remember this. I I was better at video editing I would combine a montage of Gazans dancing in celebration of the 9/11 attacks, with New Yorkers celebrating bin Laden’s death. If anyone does this artfully, please send me a link.

  • Another of “Sheikh Osama’s” legacies to the world is the al-Jazeera network. Remember the new Emir of Qatar founded al-Jazeera in 1995 primarily to give a platform for bin Laden’s video recordings, preaching that the US should remove all ot its troops from Saudi Arabia (I forget if bin Laden ever preached against the US Air Force base in Qatar). Al-Jazeera has since developed a life of its own, having tremendous impact in its ability to spread convenient truths and whacky conspiracy theories throughout the Arab world. Of course, as bin Laden tapes were fewer and farther between over the years, the new front face for al-Jazeera became Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who will contend for at least 50% of the seats in Egypt’s parliament this summer. I wonder, do you think have the support of a mainstream media network will help them?

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  1. Maybe know with Lieberman in the keleh, you can be Prime Minister.